Weekend Gateway: Experiencing the infamous Museum MACAN


Hi guys! another weekend has come. Still in Jakarta, I will recommend you a place to spend your weekend enjoying art collections from local and international curator. Not like any regular museum in Indonesia, Museum MACAN (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara) shows about 90 modern and contemporary art collections.

Located at AKR Tower, West Jakarta, this museum is currently has an inaugural exhibition under a title art turns world turns that is available from November 4th 2017 to March 18th 2018. You can explore various types of arts with different medium in this museum, not only painting, but also magnificent art installations.

One of the most favorite installations in this museum is The Infinity Mirrored Room curated by Yayoi Kusama. This installation combined mirror, LED, wood panels, acrylic, and water into a magnificent  artistic room. The last time I was there, I have to wait in the queue for about one and half hour to spend about 45 seconds inside the installation. But when I was inside, It was all worth it.

Beside the authentic art collections, compared to some museums in Indonesia, this museum has a good lighting system that can make every single collections stands out and also a very well set up of layout so that you can feel really convenient inside.

Museum MACAN opens Tuesday to Sunday at 10.00 am and closes at 07.00 pm. There are various prices for the entry tickets that are IDR 50.000 for adults, IDR 40.000 for students, and IDR 30.000 for kids. The tickets are also available online on their website. FYI, when you come on holiday, you have to prepare for a long queue and a crowd.

So, if you are an art enthusiast or you just want to experience something different rather than spending your weekend at a mall, you can definitely take your relatives, your kids, or your loved ones to this museum.

That’s all for this weekend gateway. Have a great weekend everyone!

Location: AKR Tower Level MM, Jalan Panjang No. 5 Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11530
Phone: +62 21 2212 1888

Illustrated Story



a story by aridafyasmin

It was late and I was lying under millions of stars with Edward beside me staring at the sky. I turned my face to Edward and said ‘’Hey, Ed”

He turned his face from the sky right to my face ‘’yeah?”

I held his eyes for a second and smiling, “Why do you love me?” I asked.

He raised his eyebrow but was smiling at the same time. He looked back to the sky and then said, “I love you because you make me stay up all night watching you sleep when you were sick, you make me stay in a hot sunny day playing in the beach when you were craving for holiday” He stopped for a while and grinned. ”and you make me stay dancing in your favorite songs under the pouring rain. I could struggle all day and still be happy about it.”

He stopped again. This time he looked back at me and said, “Because you’re worth it.”

I can’t help myself to give him my best smile. Then I laughed while I took my memories back to weeks ago when I had my worst day after I got rejected from my dream job. The fact that I had prepared for this test the whole year make me feel worst. So I walked home when it started raining. Not long after that, Edward came to my home. He played my favorite songs and took me out dancing under the pouring rain just trying to make me feel better. We didn’t realize how stupid it was as we both got cold the next day. However, it always remains me how he is always able to make the hard time easier for me.

So, here I spent the last 10 seconds staring at his face. He caught my eyes and smiling, “What about you? Why do you love me?” He asked.

I smiled then said, “Because over a million choices that you had, you choose to stay.”


Weekend Gateway: ak.´sa.ra, more than just a book store


Hi guys! It´s weekend already so I will try to recommend a great place to spend the day. If you happen to be in Jakarta and currently look for some good books or gifts, Aksara is a perfect place to go. This shop provides from best-selling books to cute stationary and homewares.

You can find tons of local and import books that are organized by their category so it will make a lot easier to find what you look for. There are kids section, young adult fiction section, architecture and design section, business section and many more. They also bring you some recommended books based on the best-selling product. Start from about IDR 100.000 you can bring home your favorite book.

Beside books, you can also find some stationary such as pencil case, tote bag, notebook and journal. Don’t worry about the quality because they have premium design so it will be one of a kind. This place is also suitable for you who love music and vintage stuffs because you will find some CD´s, vinyl and also the player in this store.

For addition, they also sell some fashion stuffs like t-shirts, watch, and shoes. They generally sell anything you need with premium quality. It will be perfect for you who need to find gifts for your relatives.

Located at Kemang, South Jakarta, Aksara is surrounded by cafes and hangout place. If you want to spend your weekend hangout by reading good books, then you really should come here because they have a place to read at the back of the store where you can also order some coffees or lattes. So you can chill out and spend your perfect afternoon reading book with a cup of coffee.

That´s all for this weekend gateway. Have a great weekend everyone!

Aksara Indonesia
Location: Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B, Jakarta 12730
Phone: +6221 7199283


Youtube Rewind: Wrap Up The Year


Youtube rewind is one of my favorite things that happen in youtube. It wraps all the trends that happen along the year in a video with lots of youtube stars or as you know now as youtuber. In 2010 and 2011 Youtube Rewind listed the most watched videos on youtube every year in a form of short ans simple video. From 2012, they start include the creator to take a part in making a giant production of Youtube Rewind. They make the trends, music, viral videos, internet memes, and lots of dancing into a video. What makes it more interesting is how they can bring together large amounts of creators from different countries to do a massive collaboration. I have to say, the video is getting better every year.

As youtube going bigger and bigger every year, there will be more things happen in a year and more creator that rises. There have been million of youtube creators all over the world right now. That's why Youtube Rewind 2017 starts to shoot in different countries and try to fit in a lot more youtuber in it. There are probably almost three hundreds of people split for a second in a 7 minutes video length. After I watched this year Youtube Rewind I was blown away by how huge the production is. It must take lots of times and resources to produce that one epic video. 

But there has been an issue about Youtube Rewind 2017 which has so many dislike from the viewer, and people talked about it. Some of them think it might because of lots of creators that they like couldn't make it to the video and some of them also talked about including Paul brothers (who have made most of youtube dramas this year) on the spotlight might be one of the reason. Despite all those ungrateful reaction, as a viewer I do respect youtube team for what they try to put on this year Youtube Rewind.

Another part that is interesting from Youtube Rewind 2017 that gave me a little goosebumps is how they include the recent issue and show the act of humanity that unites people around the world to help each other. Its actually the purpose of social media that I'm always rooting for, to bring people together and to inspire each other in a positive ways possible.

Overall, Youtbe Rewind is something that is always so fun and entertaining to watch. Just to remind us of what happen back in past few years and to respect all the creator that have been spending years create creative and inspiring contents. So, keep up!

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